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06. February 2020:
Fixed download links.

06. May 2010:
Added Fractal Spectacle for download. It is a freeware fractal generator for Mandelbrot,
Flame Fractals (IFS) and Buddhabrot / Nebulabrot.

05. May 2010:
Added TerraSetCam for download. This tool gives you an easy possibility
to set your camera for Terragen in a live 3D OpenGL preview.

19. February 2006:
Added a higher resolution flash picture and some
comments to the photos.

21. April 2005:
Upgraded KM.winmail to version 1.1. Fixes the wrong message "winmail.dat
not found/accessible!" error.

04. February 2005:
Added KM.winmail to programs. This tool allows you
to open, view and extract winmail.dat files.

17. November 2004:
Preview on KMfractal and KMparticle

01. April 2004:
New Look!
The complete menu is always visible now, which
makes it easier to find everything.

11. March 2004:
Added Counter!

12. March 2003:
Added Moon and Jupiter to Astro photos!
Added Flashes to Experimental photos!
Added Hiking and Skiing pictures to Misc photos!

12. March 2003:
Added 3 new Terragen pictures:
Ocean Sundown I - III!

11. March 2003:
Added the Links page!

05. March 2003:
First version of homepage online!

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