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Here are pictures I made at two safaris in Kenya in January 2002.
Crocodile with open mouth
Crocodile (2002)
In the Mara River.
Elephant with bird on his back
Elephant (2002)
In the Amboseli National Park.
Child giraffe leaning against mother
Giraffes (2002)
In Tsavo West.
Yawning hippo
Hippo (2002)
In the Mara River.
Kilimandscharo from the plane without clouds
Kilimandscharo (2002)
From the plane above Amboseli
National Park.
Roaring female lion
Female Lion (2002)
In the Masai Mara.
Old, male lion
Male Lion (2002)
In the Masai Mara.
Close-up of rhino
Rhino (2002)
In the Masai Mara. We were
very close there on foot!
Water buffalos at night at a water hole
at Night (2002)

10 second shot in the
Kilaguini Lodge.
Zebras (2002)
In the Masai Mara.
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