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This are photos which didn't fit into the other categories:

Glowing mountains sunset
Glowing Mountains (2001)
In the alps.
Godrays in forest
Godrays in Forest (2002)
In the Hausruckwald in
Spring meadow with very low depth of field and one flower in focus
Spring Meadow (2002)
With a very small depth
of field to single out
some flowers.
Mountain (Rotflüh in Austria) mirrored by a lake
Mountain (2002)
Rote Flüh in Austria.
Sunset near Friedberg
Sunset 1 (2002)
The sun decends behind
a house.
Crazy colored sunset from red over purple to deep blue
Sunset 2 (2002)
Strange colors sunset.
These were the real colors!
Sunset over Augsburg with sun behind the clouds and godrays
Sunset 3 (2002)
Same place then before on
another day.
Axamer Lizum mountains from the top
Axamer Lizum (2003)
Skiing near Innsbruck.
Hiking in Austria near Schlanitzen Alm
Hiking in Austria (2003)
Near Naßfeld.
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