Fractal Spectacle

A fractal generator for Mandelbrot, IFS and Buddha-/Nebulabrot



Quick multicore calculation of mandelbrot fractals. Zoom in and out with left and right mouse double click, recenter with middle mouse. Use various color transformation functions like linear or logarithmic. Use orbit traps to for additional beautification of your pictures. You can even add your own formulas.

Buddha- / Nebulabrot

Buddhabrot is a special calculation based on the mandelbrot set. It is an iterative calculation which will get better the longer it takes. You can stop anytime to see it and continue. Nebulabrot can emphasize the calculation on each of the RGB color components and zoomed in it can look like nebula.

IFS / Flame fractals

Flame / IFS Fractals are iterative functions. Each iterations draws a pixel on the screen. That means the longer it runs, the more detailed the picture gets. In a quick preview you can search for good parameters in the standard functions or add your own functions.

3D surface

Every fractal can also be viewed in 3D, where the color represents the height of the landscape.

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Tutorial videos

Tutorial 1: Mandelbrot, OrbitTraps, 3D
Tutorial 2: Buddhabrot, Flame Fractals, 3D


Program screenshots

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