Terragen Camera

Set the camera position with 3D realtime preview for TerraGen


I always found it complicated to set the camera position in Terragen. So I started to create a program that can read a terragen file, optionally a texture and then view the terrain. You can fly through the terrain and choose your camera position. When you are done, you press "Send to terragen" and it transfers the parameters.


  • Save the terrain in Terragen
  • Open the terrain in Terragen Camera
  • Change camera position and orientation, water level and sun position
  • Check it in the realtime preview
  • Send and directly render it in Terragen

This was made for a pretty old version of TerraGen, it won't be needed for current versions.

See the program in action at YouTube in the video at the bottom.

If you have any feedback or questions for me, send me an e-mail to homepage@kilam-malik.net.