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POVray pictures

Here you can find pictures I made with the POVray raytracer. You can find more informations on this software on their homepage .
Sunsystem with lens flares
Sunsystem (1998)
Lavazza cappuccino cup with vapor
Cappuccino (1999)
The following pictures show the making of a POV scene. It was meant to be an entry for the IRTC competition "Imaginary Worlds" in January-February 1999. But I did not finish it until the deadline. It should show the hometown of santa claus, where all the toys for the children are produced. You can see that there is work in progress because of the lights shining out of the houses.
To finish the picture, I wanted to put a flying santa with his sleigh and all the packets on it into the picture. Maybe I'll do that someday...
Building santa claus home: The wall
Walls and first house
Building santa claus home: Snow
Building santa claus home: Main building
The main building
Building santa claus home: Tower roof, better lighting
Tower roofs,
better lighting

Building santa claus home: Snow on the mountain
Snow mountain
Some newer pictures, where I experimented with focal blur, radiosity and the ior/interior features.
Focal blur and radiosity on some mechanical elements an a company logo
Focal blur and radiosity (2002)
IOR refraction inside a logo
IOR (2003)
First experiment with Forester .
Lakeside view made with Forester
Lakeside (2003)
This are technical pictures rendered with the radiosity function to give them a more realistic look.
Mechanical elements: Cube
Cube (2003)
Mechanical elements: Bearing
Bearing (2003)
Mechanical elements: Complex part
Part (2003)
Mechanical elements: Gearwheels
Gearwheels (2002)
Mechanical elements: Handling system
Handling (2003)
Mechanical elements: Pick and place
Assembly (2003)
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